Adam Carpinelli

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Adam Carpinelli has 10+ years of experience as a producer for groups and musicians local and abroad with a track record of and a focus on supporting Black and brown artists.

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A Brief Background

Adam Carpinelli

For over 15 years, Adam has broken the sound barrier; creating ripples in the space time continuum and altering futures in cosmic dimensions.

As a multi-instrumentalist musician who plays the guitar, electric bass, drum set and percussion, Adam’s compositions and performances further elevate modern future music by integrating musical genres from Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean with jazz and funk.

Adam’s journey throughout his music and production career was inspired by his performances and studies with West African Mast Drummers such as Obo Addy from Ghana and Massamba Diop from Baaba Maal’s band.

Upon attaining his Master’s in Pan-African Studies at Syracuse University, Adam has lectured undergraduate courses and presented at national conferences across the country on music, social change, world history, and African studies.

Adam currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he performs with Shvvvr, Wamba World Beat Band, and Tropical Storm and works to create spaces where Black and brown artists can share their music, voices, and culture. He also works in public schools in the PDX area and continues to work with systemically-excluded and incarcerated youth throughout Oregon.

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